Mad World

Week 1 in game

Write up of downtime between August 12 2076 to August 19 2076

Sophie Cortez worked to find her stolen motorcycle as well as following up on her study of the murder case of the SINless man named only as : Pablo, as well as working her protection detail with Doctor Mata.

Bain Bloodhuff worked on his legal work in preparation for Doctor Mata’s court date and possible negotiations with the Vice-President’s wife, as well as furthering his after hours acitivty in solving the murder of the SINless man named Pablo.

Doctor Mata created more Novacoke, and ensured Hannah was given her payment to ensure her smuggling of supplies to make more drugs, and even hired a new candyman/ bodyguard Mr. Sam Wise. He continues working his dayjob at DC Metro while not being able to work any of the high profile cases until his mal practice suit is ended.

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