Doctor Love

5'10" Male Hanuhuman


Name: Kwashi Matá
Alias: Doctor Love or Doctor Feel Good
Place of Origin: Unknown
Player Type: Medical Doctor & Physician


Public Details: You need drugs? I’m your man… monkey… well you get the point. You want drugs, you got it! For a small price that is. I am fair when it comes to trade, especially if you can hook me up with some good information… or other goodies perhaps.
‘Nough about drugs though. If killin’s what you need done then you definitely gotta pay up! I don’t work for free when someone needs a bit of blood spilt… I gotta keep my hands clean enough to operate within my markets.
But really though, I know you’re here for some drugs righ?

Backstory: A rather small, but tall standing Hanuhuman that enjoys a great laugh, and making some rather dank Narcotics, from time to time. Even though he seems to be very open with most, if not all, people about himself… this monkey has some secrets kept locked away. Most people believe this Hanuhuman was born and raised somewhere in the Jersey area, based on his accent alone. Though his true identity, age, and place of origin are unbeknownst to all.

Doctor Love

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