Obsidian Portal and Social Media in the 5th World

Social Media in the world of Shadowrun is far beyond anything people in the 5th world have ever used. Things like facebook and twitter have been replaced with the commercial giant Horizion’s new and improved P2.0( aka Persona 2.0). Persona is a social network monster that interconnects all known social network into a interconnected forum that is defined by your P-Score, a composite of traits such as followers on bulletin sites such as Instachat, subscribers on sites like Ourtube and Blop, and upvotes on stuff like Worldbook. A P-Score translates to the social standing of your Matrix avatar, because most people use the same avatar across the whole matrix. P-Scores range from 0 for a brand new user to the current highest rated user FastJack the world renowned decker famous for the worlds greatest hacks, going as outlandish as broadcasting his hacks over Mefeed( the modern equivalent of Twitch).

As far as Shadow Social Media it all started with Shadowland BBS, a completely anonymous message board used by runners and johnsons since the onset of shadowrunning as a profession. Most runners used the same handle on Shadowland BBS as they did on any other network on the grounds that the data nexuses of used to maintain Shadowland were secured by volunteer decker guards to make sure no law enforcement or corps go a hold of data, easily.

Unfortunately Shadowland was brought down by the crash of 2064, luckly however powerful decker’s like FastJack didn’t let the idea of a network for runners to work together die.

He personally founded the very select network called Jackpoint, which can only be used by invitation only; however you can try to hack in, but will be unable to post, and will surely be hunted down by FastJack for infiltrating his little club.

Luckily for those unable to join the secret cabals like Jackpoint most of the nexus points used to run Shadowland have taken up their own little networks within the matrix 2.0. The most commonly used one in the continental united states is currently Obsidian Portal, speculated to be based out of either a Las Vegas casino, or a server hub in Denver.

Networks like Obsidian Portal are used by runners to make crews, plan jobs, look for jobs

Obsidian Portal and Social Media in the 5th World

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