The Tythe Corporation

The Tythe Pharmaceutical Corporation is a medical conglomerate who is subsidized by The Horizon Group to manufacture forced evolutionary gene treatments. Their original project was to create a super race called “Project Chimera” which supposedly has the body of a troll, the mind of an elf, the versatility of normal humans, the tenacity of an Orc, and the stubbornness of a dwarf.

The Corporate Court has been trying to investigate Tithe Pharmaceutical for over ten years due to their rumored research with the HMHVV for supposed military applications in conjunction with combined efforts of the Ares Arms Corporation and Mitushana.

The Tythe Pharmaceutical Corporation has several major lab offices in the Indian Nations of Northern America were they have the least interference from the “ethical” standards of The Corporate Court.

The CEO of Tythe is former Confederated States of America General Rex Solomon. His change in leadership is likely the reason for a sudden pivot towards military applications.

The former CEO of Tythe is Alexa Moon a female elf humanitarian currently living in Israeli running a humanitarian aid group based through New Horizon trying to among other things maintain stability in the middle east, stem Israeli aggression, and try and repair the damage done to the former state of Libya. She maintains a seat on the board of Tythe despite stepping down as acting CEO.

The current CSO of Tythe is unknown, his identity has never been disclosed in released meeting minutes, he has never made any public addresses in person, he is only ever referenced in Tythe files as “The Doctor”, likely a reference to his handle on all known social medias: DoctorDeath. His intentions are unknown, but he has been responsible for almost 90% of the latest Tythe budget being put into R&D Projects not yet disclosed to any share holders.

The Tythe Corporation

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